Ruby on Rails Static Analysis Security Tool

Brakeman as a Library

Brakeman was initially designed to be used a command-line application. Recently, there have been some changes to allow it to be used as a library as well. Future releases will likely make it even easier to use.

Simple Example

Here is a simple example:

require 'brakeman'

tracker = "my/app"


This runs Brakeman against the Rails application in my/app and prints out the report. This is essentially equivalent to running Brakeman with no options. returns a Tracker object (doc) which contains all the information from the scan. Tracker#checks (doc) holds the results from running the checks.

Using Options

Most of the command-line options for Brakeman can be used with, but the names may be slightly different.

If an options hash is used, then :app_path must be specified instead of just a string for the path: :app_path => "my/app"

Here is a list of options:

  • :app_path - path to root of Rails app (required)
  • :assume_all_routes - assume all methods are routes (default: false)
  • :check_arguments - check arguments of methods (default: true)
  • :collapse_mass_assignment - report unprotected models in single warning (default: true)
  • :combine_locations - combine warning locations (default: true)
  • :config_file - configuration file
  • :escape_html - escape HTML by default (automatic)
  • :exit_on_warn - return false if warnings found, true otherwise. Not recommended for library use (default: false)
  • :html_style - path to CSS file
  • :ignore_model_output - consider models safe (default: false)
  • :message_limit - limit length of messages
  • :min_confidence - minimum confidence (0-2, 0 is highest)
  • :output_file - file for output
  • :output_format - format for output (:to_s, :to_tabs, :to_csv, :to_html)
  • :parallel_checks - run checks in parallel (default: true)
  • :print_report - if no output file specified, print to stdout (default: false)
  • :quiet - suppress most messages (default: true)
  • :rails3 - force Rails 3 mode (automatic)
  • :report_routes - show found routes on controllers (default: false)
  • :run_checks - array of checks to run (run all if not specified)
  • :safe_methods - array of methods to consider safe
  • :skip_libs - do not process lib/ directory (default: false)
  • :skip_checks - checks not to run (run all if not specified)

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