Brakeman - Rails Security Scanner

Static analysis security scanner for Ruby on Rails

Support & Pro Version

For regular technical support for Brakeman, please file an issue on GitHub.

For paid support, please consider buying a Brakeman Pro license or contact [email protected] to discuss other options.


If you would like to make a donation, please see our Pledgie page.

To sponsor a particular feature or bug fix, please contact Justin Collins. Any sponsored work will be incorporated into the open source code of Brakeman under the MIT license.

Brakeman Pro

Brakeman began as a free and open source project and it will always be available under an open source license.

The commercial Brakeman Pro version provides a graphical interface, advanced management of warnings and reports, paid support, and commercial licensing. Purchasing a Brakeman Pro license also supports the continued development of the open source version.

Brakeman Pro

Feature Comparison

Feature Brakeman Brakeman Pro
Fast source code security scans
Zero configuration required
Detects 20+ vulnerability types
Run at any point in development
Rails data flow analysis
JSON reports
False positive management
Graphical desktop interface
Manage all reports in one place
Filter, sort, and search warnings
Manage warnings as valid or false positives
Create custom rules
Customized warning explanations
Syntax-highlighted code views
Store notes per warning
Analysis of view helpers
Render path navigation
Detect dynamic evaluation
Detect use of basic authentication
PDF reports
Paid support

Visit the Brakeman Pro site for more details.