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Brakeman 6.1.0 Released

It’s been a while!

Changes since 6.0.1:

  • Add check for unfiltered search with Ransack
  • Add --timing to add timing duration for scan steps
  • Add PG::Connection.escape_string as a SQL sanitization method (Joévin Soulenq)
  • Handle class << self
  • Fix class method lookup in parent classes
  • Fix keyword splats in filter arguments

Ransack Searches

Ransack is a popular library for enabling search against ActiveRecord attributes.

It was originally intended for administrative interfaces (like those provided by ActiveAdmin).

Use usually looks like


And a url might look like[make_start]=vol

This might generate a query like

SELECT make FROM cars WHERE make LIKE 'vol%';

The library does clever things with the query parameter key. In this case, make is the column and start means match values that start with the search term passed in.

However, it’s also possible to specify columns on related tables, such as[owner_name_start]=just

Which would search the name column on the owners table (assuming Car has an association to Owner).

Prior to Ransack 4.0, the default configuration allowed searching all columns on a table as well as all columns on associated tables.

Some folks figured out this can be used to extract secret values by brute-forcing the value one character at a time.

To fix this issue, explicitly allow list the attributes and associations available to search.

In Ransack 4.0 and later, it is required to set up an allowlist.

Brakeman will warn about unrestricted use of ransack:

  • High if no allow-listing methods are found in the class hierarchy of the model on which ransack is called
  • Medium if the use happens to be in a file with admin in the path
  • Low if the call to ransack is not on a class


Timing Output

Use --timing to output duration of various steps during the scan.

Useful for debugging slowness.


Another SQL Escaping Method

Brakeman will not warn about use of escape_string in SQL queries.


Class Methods

Brakeman will now treat methods defined inside of class << self as class methods.

This does mean fingerprints of warnings found inside those methods will change.


Class Method Lookups

Searching for class method definitions in parent classes will now actually look for class methods, not instance methods.


Keyword Splats in Filters

Code like

before_action(**kwargs) do
  # ...

Will no longer cause an error.



The SHA256 sums for this release are:

0d4066936dd58f0fe757d0ff1ec0744479be9ff06c771be4b581bdf0cb8d7403  brakeman-6.1.0.gem
e7c9e739a43ec719d981e9b401b980c11cbe81a333ccb166965b9264ef413cc8  brakeman-lib-6.1.0.gem
709813eff010c9605dc09b9fcbe60742dd3b9e757ec7131808988a14b83eee23  brakeman-min-6.1.0.gem

Reporting Issues

Thank you to everyone who reported bugs and contributed to this release!

Please report any issues with this release. Take a look at this guide to reporting Brakeman problems.

Hang out on Github for questions and discussion.