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Brakeman 5.0.4 Released

This is a tiny bugfix release!

What happened to 5.0.2 and 5.0.3??

They were messed up. Sorry. Don’t use them.

Changes since 5.0.1:

  • Fix Loofah version check (#1603)


The SHA256 sums for this release are:

4d1af5c3e65a0c2319396a796bd9a587a13317faff92bd09b74c44ba70aef8b3  brakeman-5.0.4.gem
6b529ae8f1e16aed711759c3b52fc01c60befeb896042de02aaa5aabf5c24cb5  brakeman-lib-5.0.4.gem
5a402076af48fc526211212d70a751c80c27cae535077c1c7a63dadc314efe97  brakeman-min-5.0.4.gem

Reporting Issues

Thank you to everyone who reported bugs and contributed to this release!

Please report any issues with this release. Take a look at this guide to reporting Brakeman problems.

Follow @brakeman on Twitter and hang out on Gitter for questions and discussion.