Ruby on Rails Static Analysis Security Tool

Happy 8th Birthday, Brakeman!

In celebration of Brakeman’s 8th birthday this week, we’d like to share an update to keep you apprised of what we’ve been up to since our acquisition by Synopsys in June of this year.

Stemming from the acquisition, Synopsys welcomed Justin Collins of the original Brakeman core team. He is working closely with the Synopsys Static Analysis division to integrate the Brakeman Pro Engine into the Coverity proprietary product offering. This is an exciting opportunity to build Ruby on Rails support into an enterprise-class engine that is quickly emerging as a leader in static application security testing.

As for the Brakeman project, we’d like to assure you that Synopsys is committed to the continued success of the project.

Synopsys has a rich history of working with the open source community through Coverity Scan, providing testing as a free service to support building quality and security into the open source software (OSS) development process. To-date since its inception in 2006, Coverity Scan has provided scanning support to over 4,600 open source projects. The December 2017 acquisition of Black Duck Software is another testament to Synopsys’ dedication to securing the growing use of open source.

Rest easy knowing that Brakeman will continue to be maintained by the same team. Code will remain available on GitHub, and Ruby gems will continue being distributed via