Ruby on Rails Static Analysis Security Tool

Brakeman Has Been Acquired by Synopsys

We are excited to announce Brakeman Pro has been acquired by Synopsys.

Started in 2014, Brakeman Pro has been a partnership between Justin Collins, Neil Matatall, Jim Manico, and Adam Korman. Although it’s been an unconventional journey, we are all grateful to have traveled it together. Sincere thanks to the many folks who supported, promoted, and encouraged us along the way.

Justin Collins will be joining Synopsys to help integrate the Brakeman Pro Engine into their static application security testing (SAST) offerings, as well as continuing to develop and support the Brakeman OSS project. This is an exciting opportunity to focus on improving and expanding SAST for the Ruby community.

Brakeman OSS

This Brakeman OSS project is part of the acquisition, and Synopsys now owns the copyright previously held by Brakeman, Inc.

The project going forward and any future contributions will be made available under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 Public License. For most users who are using Brakeman for internal purposes or assessments, nothing will change. Brakeman OSS will continue to be maintained by the same folks, free, and open source. Code will remain available on GitHub, and Ruby gems will be distributed from

However, under the new license, it is no longer possible to use Brakeman OSS for the development of a commercial product or online service or to resell Brakeman OSS as a service. Companies wishing to do either will require a commercial agreement with Synopsys. Please see here for more details.

Thank You

Thank you again to our customers, friends, and family who supported us in making the web a little bit safer!