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Brakeman 4.3.0 Released

Did you know we recently broke 11 million gem downloads? Wow!

Changes since 4.2.1:

  • Add --parser-timeout option
  • Improve timeout error messages
  • Check exec-type calls even if they are targets (#1199)
  • Index Kernel#` calls even if they are targets (#1183)
  • BaseCheck#include_interp? should return first string interpolation (#1189)
  • Ignore in system calls
  • Warn about dangerous link_to href with sanitize() (#1187)
  • Ignore params#to_h and params#to_hash in SQL checks (#1180)
  • Convert Array#join to string interpolation (#1179)
  • Change "".freeze to just "" (#1182)
  • --color can be used to force color output (#1175)
  • Track parent calls in call index
  • Fix reported line numbers for CVE-2018-3741 and CVE-2018-8048
  • Code Climate: omit leading dot from only_files (Todd Mazierski)

--color Option

Previously, --no-color could be used to turn off ANSI color in text reports. Now, --color can be used to force color output.


--parser-timeout Option

The default timeout for parsing a single file is 10 seconds. For some files, this may not be enough.

The --parser-timeout option can be used to specify a per-file timeout (in seconds).

Additionally, the error message for parsing timeouts has been improved considerably.


Command Injection Fixes

Thanks to Jacob Evelyn reporting a number of issues around command injection, there are several improvements.

Use of backticks as targets of a call will now be checked for command injection.

For example:

`blah #{something}` == "expected output"

Previously, use of backticks was not being indexed in this case.


Somewhat similarly, other calls (such as system) would not warn if they were targets of a call.


Brakeman will no longer warn about in system calls.


Also fixed an issue where searching for string interpolation would return the innermost instance instead of the first instance (typically you want the first one).


Freeze Calls

Calls to String#freeze will essentially be ignored.


will be treated like



More Strong Parameters in SQL

Calls to to_h and to_hash on params will be ignored in the context of SQL injection.


Brakeman will now warn on uses of sanitize in attempts to avoid XSS in link_to. Unfortunately, it does not work that way.


Array#join to String Interpolation

Uses of Array#join will now be converted to string interpolation.

For example:

[1, thing, "here"].join(' ')

will be changed to

"1 #{thing} here"

This both fixes some false positives and helps detect more vulnerabilities in checks that are looking at string interpolation.


Parent Calls

Brakeman now tracks the parent method call (I’m sure there’s a better way to say that) of an argument. While this ended up not being needed for this release, it will help improve checks and messages in the future.



The SHA256 sums for this release are:

9284a1a9413743b4c915eda40312395e0ee574c6286893a27074b6f9527648f4  brakeman-4.3.0.gem
89ba3385fab967114c31da1462401c03caa8847d1115566a77039d0bda95181e  brakeman-lib-4.3.0.gem
1834031c1e949242ea6d08b3b1036d3f7c12c28257cdfa94cf3d0459b6f851b6  brakeman-min-4.3.0.gem

Reporting Issues

Thank you to everyone who reported bugs and contributed to this release!

Please report any issues with this release. Take a look at this guide to reporting Brakeman problems.

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