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Brakeman 3.3.2 Released

This is a bug fix release.

Changes since 3.3.2:

  • Fix performance regression in global constant tracking

Brakeman 3.3.0 introduced a new feature to track constant values across the application. This helped reduce false positives, for example when checking a value against a constant array of values. However, the lookup of constant values was very slow for moderate to large numbers of constants. In some test cases it added up to a minute of scan time. This has been resolved along with some changes to how dynamic constant names are handled.

Additionally, the --faster option will turn off global constant tracking entirely.



The SHA256 sums for this release are

58bb2179de2bd479d32dc2d2018e40caf478916e283ea88089fe0bcb30a55e6c  brakeman-3.3.2.gem
4f72ff02a163d78244554c4a26ea35e88d76dd6b60c3d21573db8518abcba6fc  brakeman-min-3.3.2.gem
c0beeabe95aa693a5273bd48922028f48a190940b18c795813bd0f96068452b4  brakeman-lib-3.3.2.gem

Reporting Issues

Thank you to the reporters of the performance issue in the 3.3.0 release.

Please report any issues with this release! Take a look at this guide to reporting Brakeman problems.

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