Ruby on Rails Static Analysis Security Tool

Brakeman is Four Years Old!

Brakeman was first publicly released four years ago today!

In those four years, Brakeman has gradually become a widely-used static analysis security tool for Ruby on Rails, leaving other web frameworks jealous.

Brakeman is used in all kinds of organizations, from hobby projects to open source applications to start-ups to large corporations. If your organization uses Brakeman, please consider being listed!

Brakeman also helps power several SaaS offerings!

Did you know Brakeman even won a Ruby award?

Because Brakeman is so old, it still supports Rails 2.3 (2009!) and Ruby 1.8.7 (2008!) while usually adding support for new releases fairly quickly, making it useful for nearly any Rails application. If it doesn’t work for you - please file an issue!

Many thanks to the many people who have contributed to Brakeman. All contributions - patches, bug reports, documentation updates, promoting Brakeman, or even just asking questions - are sincerely appreciated. Lots of gratitude to the open source projects underlying Brakeman and their maintainers, especially Ryan Davis. And a big thank you to the companies who have funded Brakeman’s development!

  • 4 years
  • 39 contributors
  • 69 releases
  • 181 closed issues
  • 2,043 commits
  • 700,000+ gem downloads

Here’s to four more years?

By the way - stickers have returned! Send your name and address (yes, international is fine) to [email protected].