Ruby on Rails Static Analysis Security Tool

Brakeman 1.8.1 Released

Bug fixes!

Changes since 1.8.0:

  • Recover from errors in output formatting (#148)
  • Fix false positive in redirect_to (Neil Matatall) (#143)
  • Fix problems with removal of Sexp#method_missing (#150)
  • Fix array indexing in alias processing (#145)
  • Fix old mail_to vulnerability check (#147)
  • Fix rescans when only controller action changes (#141)
  • Allow comparison of versions with unequal lengths (#144)
  • Handle super calls with blocks (#146)
  • Remove malformed Sexps from HAML processing (#149)
  • Respect -q flag for “Rails 3 detected” message

Fix Crashes when Generating Report

Some scans were causing Brakeman to crash while generating reports with an error like:

lib/brakeman/warning.rb:78:in `format_code': undefined method `gsub' for nil:NilClass (NoMethodError)

This was due to a combination of the removal of method_missing behavior from Sexp and the OutputProcessor not handling errors well.

The problem should be fixed now, but please report an issue if “[Format Error]” shows up in reports.

False Positive in Redirect Check

Neil Matatall fixed an issue with a false positive when redirecting to an array.

When redirect_to is given an array, Rails eventually falls through to polymorphic_path, which will only return a path, not a full URL. Brakeman only checks for redirects that can redirect to a different host, so this is considered safe.

Sexp and method_missing

The original Sexp code from RubyParser uses method_missing to find and optionally delete nodes. This functionality is not used very often (never in Brakeman) but has covered up bugs that would otherwise been found. Therefore, Sexp#method_missing has been removed in Brakeman. However, it turns out that Ruby2Ruby uses it in a couple places. Brakeman uses Ruby2Ruby to covert s-expressions back to readable Ruby code, particularly when generating reports. This lead to some crashes.

Fix Array Indexing

Brakeman can handle pulling values out of simple arrays. Or it should be able to, but it keeps breaking. Should be fixed now!

Fix mail_to Check

There is a Brakeman check for an old vulnerability in mail_to. However, it turns out this check has been broken for a while. But now it is fixed! And there are regression tests.

Fix Rescans on Controller Changes

There were some crashes when rescanning was triggered by a controller change.

HAML Processing

Some very old code for HAML processing was generating malformed s-expressions, which then had to be handled specially in the output formatter. It turns out these nodes were not even used, so they were removed. Please report any problems arising from this! We do not have a lot of HAML test cases.

Report Issues

Please report any issues with this release!

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