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Brakeman 1.5.2 Released - Important Fixes

This is update includes some important fixes. All users of the rails_xss plugin are particularly encouraged to upgrade.

Changes since 1.5.1:

  • Fix handling of views when using rails_xss
  • Fix rescanning of lib files (Neil Matatall)
  • Fix link_to checks for Rails 2.0 and 2.3
  • Revert to ruby_parser 2.3.1 for Ruby 1.8 parsing
  • Only warn on user input in render paths
  • Output stack trace on interrupt when debugging
  • Ignore user input in if statement conditions
  • Fix –skip-files option with Ruby 1.8

Views with rails_xss

Some previous changes to make sure Brakeman was processing ERB views the same way as the rails_xss plugin unfortunately broke the processing of those views.

These changes caused Brakeman to not report any output from ERB views when the rails_xss plugin was in use, hiding any XSS vulnerabilities in those views.

This now fixed, so if you are using the rails_xss plugin, it is highly recommended to upgrade.

Rescanning lib/ Files

Rescanning changed files in the lib directory was broken, but Neil fixed it!

In Rails 2.3, the URL is escaped, but not the body of the link. In Rails 2.0, neither argument is escaped.

In this release, the check for XSS in link_to has been updated to handle link_to with blocks and to warn in Rails 2.0.x if any user input is used as an argument.

Revert to ruby_parser for Ruby 1.8

Brakeman has been using a vendored version of ruby_parser with some updates to Ruby 1.9 syntax parsing. Unfortunately, that version also introduced some regressions for parsing Ruby 1.8 syntax.

To handle this, Brakeman will now only use the vendored version for 1.9 parsing, but the regular gem version for 1.8 syntax parsing. This should fix some parse errors people are seeing for Ruby 1.8 apps.

Dynamic Render Path Updates

The check for dynamic render paths was not very good, but it is better now. “Dynamic Render Path” warnings should only be raised when user input is actually used to determine what view, partial, or file to render.

Stacktrace Output

Brakeman will now output a stacktrace if interrupted while running with the -d option. This is mostly helpful when Brakeman appears to “hang”.

Reporting Issues

Please report any issues!

Also consider joining the mailing list or following @brakeman on Twitter.