Ruby on Rails Static Analysis Security Tool

Brakeman 1.4.0 Released

This is not a big release, but it does add a new check. Also, processing for ERB templates with the rails_xss plugin has changed, so there is the possibility that line numbers for reported warnings will shift.

Changes since 1.3.0:

  • Add check for user input in link_to href parameter
  • Match ERB processing to rails_xss plugin when plugin used
  • Add Brakeman::Report#to_json, Brakeman::Warning#to_json
  • Warnings below minimum confidence are dropped completely
  • will now always return a Tracker

Neil Matatall has contributed a new check for the href parameter in link_to. Even if HTML escaped, some values can be dangerous, so this check will warn for user input in that parameter. See here for more details.

The --url-safe-methods option can be used to specify escaping methods which are safe for urls.

ERB and rails_xss

The rails_xss plugin has some fixes for how Erbuis handles certain input. Brakeman now matches those changes, which fixes some parsing errors.

Internal Changes

There have been some changes which only impact those working with Brakeman as a library.

First, there is now json output for reports. This actually should be an output format option, but I did not realize it until writing this post. The next release will include this, though!

The way Brakeman handles the --confidence-level option has also changed. In the past, warnings would be filtered when output in a report. This meant, for example, that tracker.checks.all_warnings would still return warnings below the specified confidence level. It also caused problems because there were many places in the code where the warnings needed to be filtered. With this release, warnings below the confidence level will be dropped as soon as they are found and will not need to be filtered at any later point.

Lastly, would return false if --exit-on-warn was set, and a Tracker object otherwise. This has changed. will now always return a Tracker object and the logic for --exit-on-warn was pushed out to the Brakeman executable.

Report Issues

As usual, please report any issues.